Get your football pitch ready with

With the new football season under way and attracting attention from the media and the school holidays coming to a close, now is the time to make sure your football pitch is ready for the winter season.

Today, we’ll run through a quick checklist of what needs checking and updating…

Get your football pitch ready - with

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Product Spotlight: Harrod UK’s new County Cricket Net System

Harrod UK's new 'County Cricket Net System'

One of Harrod UK’s new products for 2014, the County Cricket Net System has been designed to create a professional, highly affordable, non-permanent cricket net system that is perfect for use in clubs and schools.

Today we’ll look at the excellent County Cricket Net System in a little more detail.

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How To: Hang a Tennis Net

It may sound easy, but what is the correct way to hang a tennis net?

Today, we’ll go through the process, step-by-step and show you how to hang a standard British tennis net with a loop and pin headline wire.

How To: Hang a Tennis Net

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Buy more, save more on Gym & Judo Mats!

Gym Mats / Judo Mats

Gym mats and Judo mats are now available at!

Even better news, we’ve introduced quantity discounts that’ll benefit schools and clubs who often require more than just a single mat.

Our new gym mats in standard weight, medium weight and light weight are suitable for use in schools. Agility mats and multi-purpose mats are ideal for use in gyms and leisure centres. Finally, our new 40mm thick Judo mats are designed for club level and Judo tournament use – in fact this type of matting is great for all combat sports.

For more information on our new gym and Judo mats, please see our website.

Remember: Buy more, save more!

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An unusual customer request… Miniten posts and nets will already be a familiar name to many tennis clubs and their members throughout the country.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of tennis nets, thousands of games will have been played across a branded tennis net – with our distinctive running man logo adorning hundreds of tennis courts across the UK.

Miniten Tennis Net

Our understanding of the wants and needs of the tennis fraternity are based upon years of experience thanks to (we are almost too embarrassed to admit) experienced sales staff with almost 40 years, 35 years and 28 years of experience each.

So it’s a very rare thing indeed when a customer contacts us with an equipment request for a form of tennis that we’ve never supplied, or even heard of before… But, that’s exactly what happened just before Christmas.

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FA programme encourages women to try out football

FA logoIt has recently been announced that four of the UK’s top sporting organisations have joined forces in order to give more women and girls the opportunity to take part in football sessions.

The Football Association, Sport England, the Premier League and the Football League are to offer a new FA Women and Girls programme, which will deliver season long coaching programmes to over 40,000 female players.
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Buying Guide: Football Goal Posts

Football Goal Posts

Over the last decade, there has been a surprising amount of innovation both in the design and manufacture of goal posts that has drastically expanded the range available for the UK’s most popular sport.

From the material each goal is constructed from, to its size, shape and type, there’s now a bewildering array of football goals to choose between. In this buying guide, we’ll examine some of the key considerations when purchasing a new football goal.

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6 tips to find the right football net for your goal

Harrod UK Football Goal

There’s an enormous variety of football goals available on the market today.

Between the numerous sizes of goal that cater for all of the various formats of the game and the many types of each size goal, choosing a replacement football net is surprisingly confusing!

Today, we’ll share some tips that’ll help you select the right football net for your goal.

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Vodafone 4G Launch - Trafalgar Square Football Event

Last week, Vodafone launched their fourth generation phone network in London. Their 4G service, offering download speeds up to six times faster than 3G, will now roll out to around 98% of the UK over the next couple of years.

To help mark this very special occasion, Vodafone put in a call to requesting a senior football goal with a net in Vodafone’s colours (red and white) be delivered to central London at short notice. As a predominately internet based sports equipment supplier, we were only too happy to oblige…

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Product Spotlight: Harrod UK’s Self Weighted Hockey Goal

Harrod UK are probably best known in this country for their extensive range of football goals and nets. However last year, Harrod UK’s blue hockey goals were also seen around the world by hundreds of millions of people when they took centre stage at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Harrod UK's blue integrally weighted hockey goal, as used at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Harrod UK’s blue integrally weighted hockey goal, as used at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Today, we’ll take a closer look at that Olympic standard goal and find out why it’s considered the best in its class, suitable for use in the highest competitive levels of hockey and why it’s become the UK’s best selling hockey goal.

Harrod UK Intergral Weighted Hockey Goal

Taking inspiration from their highly successful range of integrally weighted football goals, Harrod were the first company in the UK to incorporate a self weighted design into their hockey goals. Since then, integrally weighted goals across both sports have become enormously popular.

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