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Grass Court Portable Netting Surrounds

Grass Court Netting Surround Kits

Grass Court Netting Surround Kits

Standard moveable and demountable netting surround kits for grass tennis courts.

Grass Court Surround Kit Components

Grass Court Surround Kit Components

Components for grass court portable summer netting surround kits.

Grass Tennis Court Portable Netting Surrounds

Commonly referred to as 'court surrounds' these tennis netting kits and components are designed to help contain tennis balls within the confines of the court. Comprising of simple spiked metal uprights with 45mm mesh netting, tennis court surrounds are a cost effective way to create a temporary ball stop system.

Court surrounds can be purchased either as complete kits, designed to encompass a single tennis court, or as a series of components that can put together to surround any size of court.

Tennis court surround components include:

  • Uprights - Tubular metal, 2.7m or 3m high, with 300mm long spiked bases.
  • Top rails - 2.7m long tubular top rods/crossbars.
  • 'Mushroom' caps - Fit to the top of each upright.
  • Hanging ties - To affix netting to top rods (sold in packs of 100).
  • Ground pegs - To anchor netting to the ground to prevent billowing (sold in packs of 50).
  • Mesh netting - 2.7m or 3m high. Black twine with a 45mm mesh. Length custom made-to-order.

Please note: Tennis court surrounds are designed to be temporary structures and should not be left in place all year round. These surrounds are unsuitable for use in windy or exposed locations.

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For assistance putting together your custom tennis court surround, please contact our sales team on 01858 545789.

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