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Patiograss PK202 Price List

PK202 - Patiograss 20 Prices (20.00.m²) - March 2013
Quantity in 2m widths
(Minimum order quantity 2m x 2m)
PriceSmall Order
VAT (20%)Total Price
(Inc VAT & Del)
2m x 2m (Order as 4m²)£80.00£15.00£19.00£114.00
2m x 3m (Order as 6m²)£120.00£15.00£27.00£162.00
2m x 4m (Order as 8m²)£160.00£15.00£35.00£210.00
2m x 5m (Order as 10m²)£200.00£15.00£43.00£258.00
2m x 6m (Order as 12m²)£240.00£15.00£51.00£306.00
2m x 7m (Order as 14m²)£280.00£0.00£56.00£336.00
2m x 8m (Order as 16m²)£320.00£0.00£64.00£384.00
2m x 9m (Order as 18m²)£360.00£0.00£72.00£432.00
2m x 10m (Order as 20m²)£400.00£0.00£80.00£480.00
2m x 11m (Order as 22m²)£440.00£0.00£88.00£528.00
2m x 12m (Order as 24m²)£480.00£0.00£96.00£576.00
2m x 13m (Order as 26m²)£520.00£0.00£104.00£624.00
2m x 14m (Order as 28m²)£560.00£0.00£112.00£672.00
2m x 15m (Order as 30m²)£600.00£0.00£120.00£720.00
2m x 16m (Order as 32m²)£640.00£0.00£128.00£768.00
2m x 17m (Order as 34m²)£680.00£0.00£136.00£816.00
2m x 18m (Order as 36m²)£720.00£0.00£144.00£864.00
2m x 19m (Order as 38m²)£760.00£0.00£152.00£912.00
2m x 20m (Order as 40m²)£800.00£0.00£160.00£960.00

Patiograss PK202 Price List (Continued)

PK202 - Patiograss 20 Prices (20.00.m²) - March 2013
Quantity in 4m widths
(Minimum order quantity 4m x 1m)
PriceSmall Order SurchargeVAT (20%)Total Price
(Inc VAT & Delivery)
4m x 1m (Order as 4m²)£80.00£15.00£19.00£114.00
4m x 2m (Order as 8m²)£160.00£15.00£35.00£210.00
4m x 3m (Order as 12m²)£240.00£15.00£51.00£306.00
4m x 4m (Order as 16m²)£320.00£0.00£64.00£384.00
4m x 5m (Order as 20m²)£400.00£0.00£80.00£480.00
4m x 6m (Order as 24m²)£480.00£0.00£96.00£576.00
4m x 7m (Order as 28m²)£560.00£0.00£112.00£672.00
4m x 8m (Order as 32m²)£640.00£0.00£128.00£768.00
4m x 9m (Order as 36m²)£720.00£0.00£144.00£864.00
4m x 10m (Order as 40m²)£800.00£0.00£160.00£960.00
4m x 11m (Order as 44m²)£880.00£0.00£176.00£1,056.00
4m x 12m (Order as 48m²)£960.00£0.00£192.00£1,152.00
4m x 13m (Order as 52m²)£1,040.00£0.00£208.00£1,248.00
4m x 14m (Order as 56m²)£1,120.00£0.00£224.00£1,344.00
4m x 15m (Order as 60m²)£1,200.00£0.00£240.00£1,440.00
4m x 16m (Order as 64m²)£1,280.00£0.00£256.00£1,536.00
4m x 17m (Order as 68m²)£1,360.00£0.00£272.00£1,632.00
4m x 18m (Order as 72m²)£1,440.00£0.00£288.00£1,728.00
4m x 19m (Order as 76m²)£1,520.00£0.00£304.00£1,824.00
4m x 20m (Order as 80m²)£1,600.00£0.00£320.00£1,920.00

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