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Tennis Court Starter Packs

Tennis Hard Court Starter Packs

Tennis Hard Court Starter Packs

'Starter' packs for hard tennis court surfaces - everything you need to equip your new tennis court.

Tennis Grass Court Starter Packs

Tennis Grass Court Starter Packs

'Starter' packs for grass tennis court surfaces - everything you need to equip your new tennis court.

Tennis Court Starter Packs

Setting up a new Tennis Court? Just want to buy the basic tennis posts and net?

That's why sportsequip.co.uk set up this product sub-section offering just the essentials needed for a new tennis court. Whether you are building a tennis court yourself, using local labour or converting a lawn to a grass tennis court, to make it as simple as possible we have grouped together the basic products as 'Tennis Court Starter Packs'.

We can't take the credit though - our customers asked us to do it.

All tennis starter packs offer tennis posts and a tennis net. Packs are available with square or round tennis posts, each with a quality of tennis net and a choice of centre adjuster strap, adjuster and ground anchor fitting.

Our grass court starter packs offer a wider choice of posts. These packs also include a line marking machine, line marking paint, centre guide strap and brass adjuster, a ground peg for the adjuster and a choice of standard size moveable netting surround kits. All of which can be stored away out of season when the court is not in use - leaving your court looking like a well tended lawn.

Should you want the very best we can substitute the posts with the hand-made wooden ash tennis posts - as used at Wimbledon and other leading grass court tennis events.

Tennis Court Starter Pack Options

  • Hard Tennis Court Starter Kits - Packs 1, 2 & 3 for all court types, including grass if you prefer socketed tennis posts to freestanding grass court posts
  • Natural Grass Tennis Court Starter Packs - Packs 1, 2 & 3 include grass court posts, a line marking machine, line marking paint, centre guide adjuster set and anchor and moveable netting surround kits
  • MUGA Starter Pack - Includes tennis posts and nets with hinged socket lids - ideal for muliti-use games areas
  • Tennis Court Contractor Packs - Only available to tennis court contractors, these special packs contain tennis posts, nets, sockets and adjuster sets manufactured by Harrod UK or Edwards Sports Products. Minimum order quantity of 10 packs.

Have a question?

We're here to help! If you'd like expert advice on setting up your own tennis court, call us on 01858 545789.

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