add new Tennis Tutor Cube to tennis ball machine range

Top tennis court equipment distributor and leading supplier of tennis ball machines throughout the UK have added the new Tennis Tutor Cube machine to their range.

‘It has been quite a long time since we felt a new machine was good enough’ said MD Robert Boyd. ‘Most suppliers just add all the new machines that come along. We at take them all out for a trial run. If we think it is good enough, offers unique features, and isn’t overly priced, then we’ll offer it to our customers.’ 

The Sports Tutor Cube is a range of battery operated tennis ball machines suitable for beginners to intermediate players. Battery running time is 2 and a half hours continuous use, up to 5 hours court time.
Ball speed can be pre-set at any speed from 10 to 45mph. All Tennis Cubes with a standard 2 year warranty on the machine.

Tennis Tutor Cube Tennis Ball Machine

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