Building the Library – Non-Turf Cricket Wickets

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Long time customers of will already be aware that the Downloads section of our website contains a veritable goldmine of useful product information and installation/maintenance tips/instructions. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been steadily refreshing our library of datasheets and creating new downloadable/printable PDF’s that can be stored for future reference or even used out in the field.

The library


Downloadable Datasheet IconOur datasheet library includes additional information/installation instructions for:

  • Athletics Runways
  • Cricket Cages, Wickets and Turf
  • Tennis Posts, Nets and Ball Machines
  • Fitness Trail Layouts, Diagrams and Signs
  • Artificial Grass (Patio Grass)
  • Compliant Grass Tiles
  • Compliant Play Tiles
  • Compliant Wet Pour


New Non-Turf Cricket Wicket Datasheet

Today, we’ve also published a new cricket datasheet that focuses on ‘non-turf’ types of cricket wicket. As such, our new “Non-Turf Cricket Wickets” datasheet includes information on the different base types, shockpads/backings and the range of options available for suitable playing surfaces. You can read our new datasheet here and as always, you’ll find a downloaded PDF available that is suitable for printing.

If you’re looking to install a new non-turf cricket wicket, you’ll undoubtedly find this datasheet a useful read. If you’d like more information on installation of cricket wickets, please contact us on 01858 545789 for expert advice.

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