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New Fitness Trails Datasheet Available

Fitness Trail DatasheetsDid you know also contains a wealth of supporting resources to help you choose, maintain or provide additional technical information for the wide range of sports equipment that we supply?

Our newest datasheet offers early Fitness Trail Planning Considerations and Guidance when choosing one of our Fitness Trails or Physical Training Trails. It offers advice on safety, fitness station choices, signage, surfacing, risk assessments and more. Essential reading if you are in the early stages of planning your new fitness trail.

We’ll be further updating our fitness trail resources throughout the rest of the year.

To speak to one of our fitness trail technical experts for more information, please call us on 01858 545789 or email

Report suggests policies to improve urban green spaces

A Policy Exchange think tank report has made suggestions for policy that will improve the UK’s urban green spaces.

Woman using an outdoor fitness/trim trail

The ‘Green Society: Policies to improve the UK’s urban green spaces‘ highlights the importance of urban spaces to the social and economic well-being of the whole country, discussing the fact that they provide free space for exercise, socialising, and relaxation, all of which can improve both physical and mental health.

The report makes recommendations surrounding Council Tax Rebates for those who volunteer to improve green spaces, the possibility of ecotherapy being recommended by GPs, park levies, and developer endowments.

Fitness or trim trails can really help to bring more people into the UK’s green spaces and out of the gym. Such trails are a great way of giving people the same kind of work out as a gym would, but without the need for extra equipment. Trail users use their own bodyweight to create a resistance against the trail equipment, giving themselves a good workout whilst taking in the great outdoors.

Dr Katherine Drayson, author of the report comments: “Britain’s parks are the lungs of our great cities. They are an oasis of calm and tranquillity in an increasingly fast-moving world.

“However, as local authority budgets have been squeezed, public funding for parks… has declined sharply.”



What is a Fitness Trail?

'Run and Leap' station on a Fitness TrailWith the warmer weather finally here (at least for now), more and more gym goers will be heading outside to get their dose of vitamin D whilst exercising.

Fitness trails have been increasing in popularity over the past five years and can now be spotted across the UK in local parks, exercise retreats and gyms alike.

A fitness or ‘trim trail’ consists of a number of exercise stations in an outdoor location, aimed at encouraging runners and walkers to include apparatus based exercise as part of their regime. The trail can be set beside a pathway, all together in a playground type lay out or set to create an assault course.

'Chin Up' station on a Fitness TrailThe equipment is designed to give you much the same type of work out as that of a gym, but without the need for extra equipment. Fitness trails are created to encourage a calisthenic workout – the use of your own body weight to create resistance. Chin-up bars, push up bars, balance beams, sit-up bars, vaults, ladders and monkey bars are just some of the pieces of apparatus provide in our range of fitness trails.

Overall, a fitness trail can be set up in any outdoor space and users will really see the benefits in their balance, strength and co-ordination. For more information on our range of fitness trails, please contact us on 01858 545789 or visit our website.



Helping People to ‘Get Going Every Day’ with Fitness Trim Trails

During the last decade, there’s been a concerted effort by the government and the NHS to promote healthy living. Campaigns such as Change4Life promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging people to eat more vegetables, reduce their daily salt intake and become more physically active.

Making the Change4Life

The “5-a-day” campaign has undoubtedly become ingrained in the nation’s psyche since it was launched in 2002, but the push to ensure that people actually do consume their recommended quota of five portions of fruit/veg continues.

Another key aspect of the Change4Life programme is perhaps less well known – “Get Going Every Day”.

Continue reading Helping People to ‘Get Going Every Day’ with Fitness Trim Trails hit the headlines with new Fitness Trail

New Fitness Trail in CambourneA recently completed Fitness Trail, installed in the eco-park play area in Great Cambourne made front page news last month when it received it’s official opening by the parish council. The £10,000 project has created nine fitness stations around the park and offers an outdoor exercise circuit suitable for use by teenagers and adults.

Robert Boyd, Managing Director at said “The Cambourne Fitness Trail installation has been fantastic to work on and produced a stunning final result that will serve the local community well for many years to come. With the installation being completed just over a month after the original order being placed, the whole team has once again worked together to create a top quality, front page worthy Fitness Trail installation!”

Continue reading hit the headlines with new Fitness Trail fitness trail creates integral part of the Chepstow Stampede

Chepstow Stampede 24-10-10 Logo

Advertised as a 10 K Adventure race – The UK’s new cult event for triathletes, cross country runners and those who just like to get cold, muddy and wet the first Chepstow Stampede is to be run at Chepstow Racecourse in October 2010.

Fitness Trail manufacturers and installers were employed to help convert the existing equestrian 3 day event course so it was suitable for a human event. This involved the manufacture of both adapted and brand new fitness stations that suited both the terrain and utilised the existing features and horse jumps.
Event organisers say ‘WARNING – You WILL get Wet and Muddy and describe it as beingSet within the stunning grounds and challenging terrain of Chepstow Racecourse and Piercefield Park, Monmouthshire, the course promises to be different from any run organised before.

If running 10k across natural rugged terrain is not challenging enough for you, unique and varied obstacles will be in place to push the limits of all abilities and fitness levels. Take on obstacles like Zig Zag Woods, Cargo Net Valley and Severn View Jump before competing in the Mile Time Trial and the Water Run.

Try your hand at sledging down Toboggan Hill, clambering over The Gauntlet and up the ropes at Heartbreak Hill, not to mention getting a dunking at Sheep Dip Valley.

Come and have a go on the Chepstow Stampede Fitness Trail if you think you’re tough enough!’

For more information or to register now, go to

Assault Course

Daley Thompson opens Eco-town fitness trail

Leading adults fitness trail manufacturers recently finished Whitehill Bordon’s Eco Fitness Trail, which is the first project to be completed using Eco-town funding.
The outdoor course, which stretches over half a mile in the recreation ground in Mill Chase Road, Whitehill, Hampshire, was officially opened by double Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson and the town’s mayor Cllr Adam Carew on 29th July 2010. 
The course has a total of 12 activity stations on the trail and the equipment was provided and installed by

The timber used to make the wooden trail is environmentally friendly because it comes from a renewable source and is British grown. It also included safety surfacing Compliant Grass Tiles to make the course as safe as possible.

The calorie-busting workout includes equipment which will give users a cardiovascular boost as well as strengthening exercises. 

The challenges include hurdles, bench sit ups, bunny hops and parallel bars. There is also a multi-exercise bench, a balance beam and a horizontal ladder

Daley Thompson at the opening the new Fitness Trail

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In addition to Constructionline which joined in late 2009 the company are also long standing members of SAPCA (Sports and Play Constructors Association)  the TIA (Tennis Industry Association) and the consumer protection schemes Shopsafe and Safebuy offer full installation services throughout the UK for Football posts, Rugby posts, Basketball posts, Tennis posts, Artificial Cricket Wickets, Cricket Practice Cages, Cricket Nets, Compliant Playground Surfaces (wet pour, play tiles, safagrass tiles) Long Jump Runways and Landing Pits, Fitness Trails, and Physical Training PT Trails

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