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Football Goal Packs Now Available

Football Goal PostsBuying football goals can be a confusing process.

Firstly, there’s a range of sizes available, suitable for different levels of play (senior, junior, 9v9, 7-a-side, 5-a-side etc).

Secondly, you need to decide between socketed, freestanding or wheelaway football goals, either manufactured from steel or aluminium.

Finally, once you have found your desired goal, you may then need to find an appropriate net, clips, goal anchors, net supports and wheels to fit your selection. In all, there can be a dizzying array of choice. There are hundreds of styles and options to choose between, often creating a daunting task for an unfamiliar buyer.

Here at, we’ve tried to make this process easier.

With our new Football Goal Packs, you can now purchase complete pairs of our most popular football goals, with each pack including suitable nets and where appropriate, net supports, wheels and net clips. Simply choose the size of football goal that you require, and then find a goal pack to match your budget.

Please see our website for details and contact our sales office on 01858 545789 if you have any questions… we’re happy to help.

FA’s Women’s and Girl’s Programme exceeds target in 2014

Girl kicking a footballIt has been revealed that the FA’s Women’s and Girl’s Programme exceeded its project target and helped nearly 21,000 14-25 years olds get into football in 2014.

Launched in October 2013, the FA worked with Sport England, the Premier League and the Football League Trust to provide grassroots football sessions for women and girls.

Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price said: “We know women play less sport than men but most would like to do more. In fact, almost 120,000 women tell us that they want to play football. But the opportunities have to be right for those women to turn ambition into a reality.”

The programme is just one part of the FA’s strategy on growing participation figures for women’s football, in support of its vision to be the 2nd largest team sport after men’s football by 2018.

Kelly Simmons, FA director of national game and women’s football commented on the scheme: “One of our biggest challenges, apart from attracting new players, is retention, so programmes like this which run for long periods of time, will certainly help us tackle that and help women’s football to become the second most-played sport in the country.”

FA launches £230m revolution in grass roots facilities

Footballers legsThe Football Association has recently launched ‘a revolution in grass-roots facilities and coaching’, with plans to build trust-run ‘hubs’ filled with 3G pitches on local authority sites in 30 UK cities.

This follows chairman Greg Dyke’s £750,000 Commission into why English football has been struggling. The Commission looked into youth-development issues, and why home grown talent was struggling to get into the first teams in the Premier League.

The Commission has pledged that by 2020, football hubs will be established in 30 cities, by replacing derelict local authority grass pitches with artificial grass pitches.

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FA programme encourages women to try out football

FA logoIt has recently been announced that four of the UK’s top sporting organisations have joined forces in order to give more women and girls the opportunity to take part in football sessions.

The Football Association, Sport England, the Premier League and the Football League are to offer a new FA Women and Girls programme, which will deliver season long coaching programmes to over 40,000 female players.
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Buying Guide: Football Goal Posts

Football Goal Posts

Over the last decade, there has been a surprising amount of innovation both in the design and manufacture of goal posts that has drastically expanded the range available for the UK’s most popular sport.

From the material each goal is constructed from, to its size, shape and type, there’s now a bewildering array of football goals to choose between. In this buying guide, we’ll examine some of the key considerations when purchasing a new football goal.

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6 tips to find the right football net for your goal

Harrod UK Football Goal

There’s an enormous variety of football goals available on the market today.

Between the numerous sizes of goal that cater for all of the various formats of the game and the many types of each size goal, choosing a replacement football net is surprisingly confusing!

Today, we’ll share some tips that’ll help you select the right football net for your goal.

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Vodafone 4G Launch - Trafalgar Square Football Event

Last week, Vodafone launched their fourth generation phone network in London. Their 4G service, offering download speeds up to six times faster than 3G, will now roll out to around 98% of the UK over the next couple of years.

To help mark this very special occasion, Vodafone put in a call to requesting a senior football goal with a net in Vodafone’s colours (red and white) be delivered to central London at short notice. As a predominately internet based sports equipment supplier, we were only too happy to oblige…

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Useful Football Association Line Marking / Pitch Layout Resource

May is a busy month for a groundsman. Pitch preparations for different sports and line marking will be well underway.

With this in mind, in today’s blog post, we’d like to highlight a useful and topical resource provided by The FA.

The FA Guide to Pitch and Goalpost Dimensions

Aimed at those running a football club, “The FA Guide to Pitch and Goalpost Dimensions” contains a wide range of information that answers many common questions regarding pitch layouts/dimensions and goal sizes for the many different formats of the game.

This useful guide also contains important sections on goal post safety and line marking.

You can download The FA Guide to Pitch and Goalpost Dimensions here (Save as a .PDF file).