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Product Spotlight: Ball Stop Netting Systems

Fixed / Portable Ball Stop Netting Systems

Steel Ball Stop System (PD200)Ball stop netting systems help prevent wayward balls hitting property or spectators and can also be used to divide pitches or section off certain playing areas. When positioned behind goals or targets, ball stop netting can also save time when retrieving balls from poorly aimed shots!

Last month we talked about the benefits of the new low cost ‘Portanet‘, a temporary ball stop system / pitch divider solution that can be configured in various ways to create a versatile netting system that can be set up in as little as ten minutes.

This month, we’ll take a closer look at some fixed and mobile ball stop alternatives that are suitable for use by clubs, schools and on shared pitches.

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FA Changes to Small Sided Football Goals and Pitch Dimensions

FA logoWe’ve posted previously about the new 9v9 football goals that are part of the Football Assocation’s Youth Development Review. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the other upcoming changes, including the recommended pitch dimensions and goal sizes for youth football.

The aim of the FA’s Youth Development Review was to create a clearer pathway for young players as they progress through each format of the game. As players grow older and learn their skills, they will now use a more appropriately sized pitch and goal to suit their age and ability. This improved progression means that 10 year old’s no longer need to use a full size pitch with full size goals – helping them to focus on developing skills and technique rather than fitness and stamina.
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Buying Guide: Boot Wipers and Scrapers

Freestanding Boot WiperAs the weather turns colder and ground conditions worsen, it’s time to take a look at one of the often overlooked pieces of equipment in a groundsman’s toolkit – the boot wiper. Boot wipers and scrapers help remove mud from footwear and keep indoor areas cleaner.

Today’s buying guide looks at the important things to consider when choosing new boot wipers and scrapers.

Boot Wiper Sizes

Boot wipers are available in a range of sizes. The size of the boot wiper unit corresponds with the number of simultaneous users that it’ll support at one time. When buying a boot wiper, it’s important to select a size that will adequately deal with the number of potential users. If you buy a boot wiper that’s too small, will players with muddy rugby boots simply walk straight into the dressing room rather than wait?

Consider how many boot wipers you’ll need. Two or more smaller units may help prevent crowding around walkways or entrances, rather than one larger boot wiper.

Boot Wiper Unit Fixing Methods

Freestanding Premier Boot WiperFreestanding boot wipers tend to be smaller, suitable for use by just one or two people at a time. The size of these boot wipers means that they are reasonably light and portable. Freestanding boot wipers are ideal for locations such as golf courses, or for areas that receive lower ‘traffic’.

Floor fixed / socketed boot wipers are typically larger and suitable for use by up to four people at a time. Excellent for use next to rugby and football pitches, or any team sport pitch. Fixed styles of boot wiper can either be bolted to the ground, concreted in place or placed into ground sockets. Sockets and fixing bolts are not supplied as standard, so please contact us for further information if you require these items. When selecting a fixed boot wiper, choose a size that will match the level of traffic it’ll need to handle.

Boot Scrapers

Many boot wipers are also fitted with boot scrapers – simple pieces of metal that allow the user to scrape off the worst of the mud before using the brushes. Boot scrapers can help extend the life of the brushes.

Boot scrapers are sometimes located ‘internally’, as featured in Harrod UK’s Premier Boot Wiper range – this style of internal scraping plate means metal isn’t protruding from the boot wiper unit. Models that feature external boot scrapers are rounded to help prevent injury.

Replacement Brushes

Boot wiper brushes won’t last forever and will need replacing every so often. When buying a new wiper unit, choose a widely available brand that offers replacement brushes.

Replacement brushes are typically sold in sets to fit the model of boot wiper.

If you would like more information on any of the boot wipers or replacement brushes available from, please contact us on 01858 545789.


Harrod UK Football Goals at the National Football Centre

The FA’s National Football Centre at St. George’s Park officially opens today.

The project may have cost over £100m and be opening later than originally hoped, but we have to admit that the facilities look fantastic. The new National Football Centre offers 12 full size pitches with a variety of surfaces, an altitude chamber, training gyms, coaching suites and more.

Harrod UK football goal at the National Football Centre
Harrod UK football goal at the National Football Centre

The centre will be used as the base for all of the FA’s development work and preparation of the England teams. Using a combination of the latest football equipment, modern sports science and medicine, coaching techniques and education, the Football Association will undoubtedly be using the centre as a key driver for the standard of football throughout all levels of the game.

One of the crucial pieces of football equipment that we couldn’t help but notice were the Harrod UK manufactured football goals on some of the new pitches.

The good news is that even grass roots/amateur football clubs or schools can enjoy the same standard and quality of football equipment as the professionals – and you don’t have to spend anywhere close to £100m.

At Sports Equip, we’re proud to offer Harrod UK’s full range of football goals, nets and pitch equipment. For more information on any of our Harrod UK products or football equipment, please contact us.

New Edwards Sports 9 v 9 Football Goals Now Available

FA logoIn the Football Associations Youth Development Review, proposals were made aimed at improving the game at every level of the sport. Part of this review made changes to the progression of younger players through the game – enabling younger players to use more appropriately sized pitches and goals that are better suited to their age and physical ability.

After FA Shareholders overwhelmingly voted in the changes, 9 v 9 Football Goals will therefore be phased in to use over the next few seasons.

The standard size of 9 v 9 Football Goals is 16ft x 7ft / 4.88m x 2.13m.

9 V 9 goals would be suitable for football pitch sizes of 70m x 40m to 80m x 50m.

9v9 Football GoalsAs part of our ongoing commitment to providing high quality football equipment from grass roots to professional use, we’re pleased to introduce a wider selection of 9 v 9 Football Goals.

Manufactured by Edwards Sports, this new range of 9 v 9 Football Goals are all independently tested to BS EN 8462:2012 and are available in steel and aluminium. Freestanding/portable and socketed variations are also available.

For more information on any of our new 9 v 9 Football Goals, please contact us on 01858 545789.

Football Matches Cancelled Due to Incorrect Goal Post Installation

Here’s a recent story from the BBC News website that caught our eye:

The importance of correct installation of football goal posts, or any sports equipment for that matter, cannot be emphasised enough. Large pieces of sports equipment, such as football and rugby posts, have been involved in fatal accidents in the past so it’s good to see this issue being taken seriously by the council involved and being highlighted by the media.

With the football season already well underway, this story serves as a timely reminder that correct installation and maintenance of all sports equipment is essential. Regular checks can also help ensure that accidents and injuries are prevented.

For more information on our professional installation services, or for advice on how you can safely install any of the equipment we supply, please contact us 01858 545789.

Senior Football Nets – Special Offer

Senior Football Goal Nets
Senior Football Goal Nets

The 2012/13 football season is already well under way. Whilst we can’t guarantee that your team will win this season, we can help by providing top quality football equipment that allows players to perform at their very best – whether they play at grass roots level or in the Premier League.

Old tatty football nets don’t exactly inspire players to find the twine for instance. Fortunately, Sports Equip are on hand to ‘save’ the day with a very special offer – Senior Football Goal Nets starting from as little as £40+VAT per pair!

Our ‘Wembley’ football nets measure 7.5m x 2.5m  and are made from heavy duty 3mm polyethylene twine with a 120mm square mesh. Each net has a 0.9m top and 2.9m bottom runback, with nets available to suit both Continental and International net supports.

Offer available only while stocks last.

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New season, new gear

The new football season has begun and is set to go into full flow with the opening games in the Premier League this weekend.  With clubs up and down the country in action it may be the time to invest in some new gear whether it is goals, nets, line marker, dug outs or even boot cleaners!  Either way, is on hand to help out.

The online retailer based in Leicestershire have over 10 years experience in providing clubs from a host of leagues both professional and amateur with their footballing needs with most clubs being able to benefit from free delivery.

Included in their product range are Senior Football Goals & Football Nets, Football Coaching and Training Aids, Synthetic Football Pitch Equipment, Football Pitch Shelters, Football Pitch Line Markers & Paints, Football Boot Wipers and more.

To ensure top of the range quality and service sportsequip only offer equipment from the most reputable UK suppliers and UK manufacturers

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Football Equipment Suppliers

Looking for Football Goals, Football Posts, Football Nets, Full Size, Junior, 7 a side, 5 a side, Samba training equipment, Line Markers, Line Marking Paints?

Well look no further than UK’s leading sports equipment suppliersS-S_Sports_Football to schools, local authorities and clubs. Please click on the following link to see our full range of football equipment