Coaching in Schools Portal launched to aid primary school sport

Football coachA new website designed to aid schools in utilising their government funding from the PE and sport Premium was launched in March.

The ‘Coaching in Schools Portal‘ will provide primary school head teachers with advice on how to recruit, develop and use coaches effectively, utilising the government funding.

The funding, which was introduced in 2013, currently goes directly to head teachers, meaning that they have the ultimate decision of how best to provide PE and sporting activities for their pupils. The average 250-student primary school gains around £9,000 of funding per year.

Thus far, the funding has mainly been used by head teachers to recruit extra specialist PE teachers, and to train up staff, whilst also paying for new equipment and the setting up of a wider selection of sports groups. 67% of schools have used their funding to employ new sports coaches.

John Driscoll, Executive Director of Sports Coach UK comments on the new portal: “We’re pleased that the majority of primary schools are using specialist sports coaches to support their teachers in the delivery of PE and sport.”

“We know that identifying, recruiting and deploying the right coach is a tough task.”

“The Coaching in Schools Portal is a free source of objective advice on everything head teachers and PE co-ordinators need to recruit and deploy coaches to support their staff, effectively and sustainably.”

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