Flicx Cricket Pitches now available at sportsequip.co.uk

Flicx Match Cricket Pitch

Flicx cricket pitches are now available to order at sportsequip.co.uk!

Cricket surfaces have long been a sportsequip.co.uk speciality. Therefore we’re delighted to now offer a range of Flicx cricket pitches, an affordable and easy way to turn almost any level surface into a cricket pitch. Flicx pitches provide consistent bounce and allow batsmen to play forward with confidence.

The Flicx range of cricket wickets provide an essential tool for coaching both batsmen and bowlers, a general practice cricket surface or even a match wicket. Pitches can be left in-situ during a season to allow grass to grow through or rolled up and moved after use (a handy carry cradle is available to make movement across pitches easier).

Improving cricket coaching

Flicx Cricket Coaching Pitch

Flicx coaching pitches are designed to help develop cricket bowling and batting skills and are even backed by endorsements from top cricket coaches. Flicx coaching pitches incorporate colour-coded panels that allow batsmen to improve their judgement on bowled lengths, whilst also assisting bowlers with their lines and length of delivery. Coaching pitches come in a variety of styles, full coaching pitches, batting ends or bowling ends. Full length coaching pitches can also be ‘split’ into two halves, enabling you to double coaching facilties.

‘Throwdown’ pitches are suitable for cricket coaching at homes, clubs or schools. Throwdown pitches help players judge length and improve their shot selection, both vital for making big scores! Coloured tiles assist the batsmen when making decisions whether to play off their front or back foot.

Match / practice wicket alternatives

Flicx’s ‘Match’ wickets provide a cost effective alternative to other types of cricket installation. These wickets can be laid at the start of a season with the grass allowed to grow through the pitch or rolled up after use. Match wickets are even ECB endorsed for hardball cricket (when laid on prepared grass surfaces) with creases marked to ICC standards.



For more information on any of the Flicx cricket pitches that we now offer, please contact us on 01858 545789.

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