Product Spotlight: Ball Stop Netting Systems

Fixed / Portable Ball Stop Netting Systems

Steel Ball Stop System (PD200)Ball stop netting systems help prevent wayward balls hitting property or spectators and can also be used to divide pitches or section off certain playing areas. When positioned behind goals or targets, ball stop netting can also save time when retrieving balls from poorly aimed shots!

Last month we talked about the benefits of the new low cost ‘Portanet‘, a temporary ball stop system / pitch divider solution that can be configured in various ways to create a versatile netting system that can be set up in as little as ten minutes.

This month, we’ll take a closer look at some fixed and mobile ball stop alternatives that are suitable for use by clubs, schools and on shared pitches.

Socketed Ball Stop Systems

Popular with schools, clubs and councils.

Socketed Aluminium Ball Stop System (PD300)Designed for permanent installation, Socketed Ball Stop Systems feature uprights that sit in 1m deep steel sockets. A pulley and cleat system then allows netting to be raised and lowered as required – helping make installation easier and prolonging the lifespan of the netting. With ‘Traditional’ socketed ball stop systems, posts are situated a maximum of 10m apart, but netting can be manufactured to any required length.

Additionally, netting is available with various mesh sizes that prevent smaller balls from passing through, making Socketed Ball Stop Systems suitable for use in a variety of sports, including football, tennis, cricket and even golf.

We can supply Socketed Ball Stop Systems as complete packages, or as component parts allowing you to design and build the installation yourself. We offer a supply only, or a supply and installation service on all ball stop systems – please contact us for more information and a quote.

Wheelaway / Mobile Ball Stop Systems

Portable Ball Stop System (PD400)Ideal for clubs, schools and use on multi-purpose pitches.

Portable ball stop systems are manufactured from aluminium, reducing weight to enable easier movement across pitches. We offer two types of portable ball stop system – the Portable Wheelaway Aluminium Ball Stop System (suitable for use on hard surfaces) and the Mobile Ball Stop System (suitable for use on turf pitches).

Portable Wheelaway Aluminium Ball Stop Systems are excellent for use in stadiums, to sit between goals the crowd to act as a temporary barrier. This style of ball stop system can span any distance, with ‘H’ shaped wheelaway bases supporting uprights between 3m and 6m high.

Mobile Ball Stop System (PD500)Mobile Ball Stop Systems feature bases fitted with 360° rotational wheels with large puncture proof tyres to allow easy movement across grass surfaces. Commonly used in training by a number of Premier and league football clubs. Standard size Mobile Ball Stop Systems are 6m high and 40m long, but custom sizes can be manufactured on request.

For more information on any of our ball stop systems, pitch divider products or installation services, please contact us on 01858 545789 and we’d be happy to advise further.


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