Product Spotlight: Harrod UK’s new County Cricket Net System

Harrod UK's new 'County Cricket Net System'

One of Harrod UK’s new products for 2014, the County Cricket Net System has been designed to create a professional, highly affordable, non-permanent cricket net system that is perfect for use in clubs and schools.

Today we’ll look at the excellent County Cricket Net System in a little more detail.

This year, Harrod UK celebrate their 60th anniversary manufacturing goals and nets which are in use on sports pitches around the globe. Harrod’s range of innovative, high quality sports products and their relentless drive for improvement has helped them grow and become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sports equipment.

Introducting, the County Cricket Net System

In 2014, the modular County Cricket Net System became the latest addition to Harrod UK’s range. Designed for temporary installation, the County Cricket Net System utilises Harrod’s clever ‘Turf Screw’ system that enables uprights to be quickly and easily inserted into grass surfaces.

County Cricket Net System - Component Parts

Each County Cricket Net System comprises of a set of galvanised steel ‘Turf Screw’ sockets, uprights and 50mm mesh netting (fitted with sleeves to allow it to be easily installed onto the uprights). Once the sockets are ‘screwed’ into the ground using a Turf Screw insertion tool, the posts and netting can be easily erected to form a temporary cricket bay system. The back net simply fastens to the rear of each bay using Velcro. Roof netting can also be added if required, with the aid of a headline roof pack and net.

The County Cricket Net System is also designed to be highly versatile, with the option to add extra bays simply by setting up an additional run of netting to form another bay. Each bay can ‘share’ side netting with the neighbouring bay, helping to maximise the use of space and minimise costs.

When the County Cricket Net System is no longer required for use, the netting and uprights can be quickly dismantled and the Turf Screw sockets capped and left in place (if desired), to leave the area safe for other activities to take place.

County Cricket Net System Example Configurations

Features and Specification

County Cricket Net System - Netting

  • Available in 6m, 12m, 18m or 24m long netting systems.
  • Bays designed to be 4 metres wide.
  • The 4m Back Nets attach easily to the rear uprights using full height Velcro.
  • Roof netting also available.
  • Can be configured to create single or multiple cricket bays.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Turf Screw sockets fit easily into the ground (Turf Screw Insertion Tool sold separately).
  • Uprights spaced at 6 metre intervals.
  • 50mm diameter uprights, manufactured from 3.2m thick aluminium (polyester powder coated black).
  • Each upright is 2.7m high and features additional M8 hooks for additional net tension.

Like to know more about the County Cricket Net System…?

Harrod UK will be showcasing their new County Cricket Net System at the Institute of Groundsmen’s SALTEX exhibition between the 2nd-4th September 2014. As are a full Harrod UK distributor, you can already purchase the County Cricket Net System directly through our website, or by calling us on 01858 545789.

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