Product Spotlight: Harrod UK’s Self Weighted Hockey Goal

Harrod UK are probably best known in this country for their extensive range of football goals and nets. However last year, Harrod UK’s blue hockey goals were also seen around the world by hundreds of millions of people when they took centre stage at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Harrod UK's blue integrally weighted hockey goal, as used at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Harrod UK’s blue integrally weighted hockey goal, as used at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Today, we’ll take a closer look at that Olympic standard goal and find out why it’s considered the best in its class, suitable for use in the highest competitive levels of hockey and why it’s become the UK’s best selling hockey goal.

Harrod UK Intergral Weighted Hockey Goal

Taking inspiration from their highly successful range of integrally weighted football goals, Harrod were the first company in the UK to incorporate a self weighted design into their hockey goals. Since then, integrally weighted goals across both sports have become enormously popular.



  • Size: 3.66m x 2.14m with 1.3m runback
  • 75mm x 50mm reinforced aluminium crossbars/uprights
  • Uprights/crossbar also feature extra heavy duty 7mm thick reinforced front walls to prevent ball damage
  • 460mm high reinforced aluminium backboard panels with noise-absorbing carpet
  • Specially designed 50.8mm diameter back tubes allow the net to hang freely eliminating ball rebound
  • Hollow tube steel backbars with solid ballast and 2 cellular puncture-proof wheels
  • Integral net retaining system holds the net firmly in place without the use of net clips
  • Stainless steel bolts throughout
  • Powder coated blue and white

Weighted backbar and backboard of the blue Olympic Hockey Goal

Always Safe and Highly Portable

Self weighted designs inherently offer safe usage and allow for easy movement across many types of surface. These qualities will undoubtedly be major plus points for anybody considering buying a freestanding goal. Here, of course, the Integral Weighted Hockey Goal excels.

A single weighted tube built into the back of the goal ensures it always remains stable and won’t tip over. This self weighted design also means that goals will comply to British safety standards at all times, without the requirement for separate anchorage. In this case, the Harrod Integral Weighted Hockey Goal complies to BS EN 750.

The two puncture proof cellular rubber wheels allow the goal to be easily manoeuvred in and out of position by just two people, making it perfect for use on shared synthetic pitches.
Harrod UK Blue Olympic Hockey Goal

Olympic Standards

The build quality of the Integral Weighted Hockey Goal is, as you’d expect, second to none. After all, this is an Olympic standard hockey goal. Harrod’s attention to detail in every aspect of the goal has been considered and refined.

The forward facing side of each upright and crossbar has been reinforced to help prevent ball damage. Backboards are fitted with noise absorbing carpet, to help deaden sound from ball strikes. The net is also held in place using the clever design of the goal itself – eliminating the need for net clips. The net supports allow the net to hang freely – making rebounds a thing of the past.

It’s not difficult to see why Harrod’s Integral Weighted Hockey Goal has quickly become a best-seller.

For more information on any of Harrod UK’s products, including the Olympic Integral Weighted Hockey Goal, please contact us on 01858 545789 or email us at

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