Product Spotlight: Pitch Divider / Ball Stop Portanets

With sports pitches frequently being used to host multiple games or training sessions simultaneously, separation of pitches to ensure different games don’t interfere with each other can sometimes be a problem.┬áToday, we’ll highlight a new product that offers a great solution to the division of football, tennis, cricket and multi-use sports pitches.

It’s a versatile netting system with a range of uses – the Portanet.

Portanets - Pitch Divider / Ball Stop Netting System

Portanets – Temporary Pitch Divider Netting

Portanets are a low cost, temporary, 3m high pitch divider and ball stop netting system.

Each Portanet comprises of 6 two-piece steel uprights, netting, guy ropes, pegs and a carry bag. Uprights are set 3.66m apart, giving each system a total span of 18.3m. A complete netting system can be erected in as little as ten minutes.

48mm square mesh netting make Portanets suitable for a wide range of sports, including football, tennis and cricket.

Additionally, uprights can be positioned in various configurations or even combined with other Portanets, making them an extremely versatile netting system that is ideal for clubs, schools or even home and park use.

Examples of use:

  • Ball stop netting
  • Pitch divider
  • Cricket net practice
  • Tennis court net
  • Training practice barrier

For more information on Portanets, please contact us on 01858 545789.


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