fitness trail creates integral part of the Chepstow Stampede

Chepstow Stampede 24-10-10 Logo

Advertised as a 10 K Adventure race – The UK’s new cult event for triathletes, cross country runners and those who just like to get cold, muddy and wet the first Chepstow Stampede is to be run at Chepstow Racecourse in October 2010.

Fitness Trail manufacturers and installers were employed to help convert the existing equestrian 3 day event course so it was suitable for a human event. This involved the manufacture of both adapted and brand new fitness stations that suited both the terrain and utilised the existing features and horse jumps.
Event organisers say ‘WARNING – You WILL get Wet and Muddy and describe it as beingSet within the stunning grounds and challenging terrain of Chepstow Racecourse and Piercefield Park, Monmouthshire, the course promises to be different from any run organised before.

If running 10k across natural rugged terrain is not challenging enough for you, unique and varied obstacles will be in place to push the limits of all abilities and fitness levels. Take on obstacles like Zig Zag Woods, Cargo Net Valley and Severn View Jump before competing in the Mile Time Trial and the Water Run.

Try your hand at sledging down Toboggan Hill, clambering over The Gauntlet and up the ropes at Heartbreak Hill, not to mention getting a dunking at Sheep Dip Valley.

Come and have a go on the Chepstow Stampede Fitness Trail if you think you’re tough enough!’

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