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Courtscreen – Tennis Sight Screens / Court Shades now available

Tennis Court Sight Screens / Court Shades

We’re ¬†always on the lookout for new products to offer at sportsequip.co.uk.

A few days ago, we introduced Courtscreen Рa product manufactured by Edwards Sports Products that provides shading and sight screening to tennis courts that have suitable surround fencing. Courtscreen also adds a small element of privacy and helps block out distractions from nearby courts and pitches.

Easy to put up and take down, Courtscreen material simply clips to most chain link type surrounds.

We can supply Courtscreen that’ll offer either 50% or 70% shade to a tennis court. Sizes available are 12m x 2m or 18m x 2m. If you require a different size Courtscreen, please contact us on 01858 545789.