What is a Fitness Trail?

'Run and Leap' station on a Fitness TrailWith the warmer weather finally here (at least for now), more and more gym goers will be heading outside to get their dose of vitamin D whilst exercising.

Fitness trails have been increasing in popularity over the past five years and can now be spotted across the UK in local parks, exercise retreats and gyms alike.

A fitness or ‘trim trail’ consists of a number of exercise stations in an outdoor location, aimed at encouraging runners and walkers to include apparatus based exercise as part of their regime. The trail can be set beside a pathway, all together in a playground type lay out or set to create an assault course.

'Chin Up' station on a Fitness TrailThe equipment is designed to give you much the same type of work out as that of a gym, but without the need for extra equipment. Fitness trails are created to encourage a calisthenic workout – the use of your own body weight to create resistance. Chin-up bars, push up bars, balance beams, sit-up bars, vaults, ladders and monkey bars are just some of the pieces of apparatus sportsequip.co.uk provide in our range of fitness trails.

Overall, a fitness trail can be set up in any outdoor space and users will really see the benefits in their balance, strength and co-ordination. For more information on our range of fitness trails, please contact us on 01858 545789 or visit our website.



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