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Cricket Data Sheets:

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How to Calculate Wicket Installation Costs

Hard Porous (Dynamic) Base Type

Installation of a new cricket wicket can generate considerable amounts of spoil!

The following guide offers an insight into the costs involved and materials required when installing a new cricket wicket and can be used to estimate the budget required for such an installation.

Please note: Costs will vary and should be considered approximations only for January 2014.

When considering constructing a standard 50mm deep hard porous based surface there are the following cost elements:

  • Excavation is best carried out using a turf cutter, as the key to this is uniformity. First the turf can be cut and removed and then one or more further cuts taken to remove the sub soil. A turf cutter is around 50.00+VAT per day to hire.
  • Disposal of spoil may be required if use can't be made of the turf and topsoil. A skip would be around 150.00+VAT.
  • The base of the excavation should be compacted using a suitable roller or vibrating plate. This can also be used for compacting the aggregate. The cost is between 30.00 and 50.00+VAT per day to hire.
  • The base of the excavation should have a good quality geotextile liner to separate the aggregate from the soil - such as Terram 1000. Budget around 1.00+VAT per m for this.
  • The cost of the base aggregate will depend on quantity and the site location. As a rough guide, laid at a consolidated depth of 50mm, 1 tonne of aggregate will cover around 8-10m. Typically, a 10 tonne load sufficient for a match wicket would cost in the region of 500.00 to 650.00+VAT. For smaller quantities of 2 or 3 tonnes for batting ends or topping up, the cost could be close to 150.00+VAT per tonne.
  • A polyester base pad is recommended. These are 2.5m wide and can be made any length. Budget price 25.00+VAT per linear metre.
  • The playing surfaces are 2.74m wide. These range from 41.00+VAT for needlepunch or tufted quality to 95.00+VAT for woven quality per linear metre.
  • Other costs in terms of materials are fixing nails, crease marking paint and of course the cost of labour to carry out the installation (approx guide: 3 men for 2 days).