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Harrod UK Sports Equipment

Miscellaneous Harrod UK Products & Components

Other Harrod UK Products & Components Available

sportsequip.co.uk can supply products and components from Harrod UK's full catalogue.

If you are unable to find a product listed on our website, please contact us for prices and availability.


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
ARC-002Lin Metre Archery WireLinear M.4.00
ARC-003m Green Archery NettingM24.50
ARC-005m Green Archery Golf CurtainM24.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
BAD-010Garden Badminton Net 5.49m x 0.61mEach21.50
BAD-032-SColour Mix W/away Club Training Badminton PostsSetPOA
BAD-034-SColour Mix W/away School Training Badminton PostsSetPOA


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
BAS-026Basketball Ring Kit & Backboard SetEach47.50
BAS-034Heavy Duty Basketball Goals with Fibreglass Practice BackboardSet1,237.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
CRK-042Guyline RunnersEach4.50
CRK-0507.3m Guyline for 2.4/2.7m poles c/w pegsEach10.00
CRK-05110m Guyline for 3m/3.6m poles c/w pegsEach10.50
CRK-093Spare Stumps for CP1Each12.00
CRK-094Spare Stumps for CP2Each11.50
CRK-103Cricket Net For 5.5m Single BayEach137.00
CRK-104Cricket Net For 9.1m Single BayEach187.00
CRK-158Premier Cricket Cage Swivel Wheel KitSet357.00
CRK-257Spare Stumps for CP3Each16.50
CRK-260Spare Springs for StumpsEach3.50

Football (Misc):

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FBL-161Replacement Polygoal BagEach37.50
FBL-218Flexible Pole Carry BagEach38.50
FBL-255Paralympic Football Rebound BoardsEach599.00
FBL-39532mm Spring Back Pole & SocketEach28.00
FBL-401Spring Back Corner Poles onlyEach14.50
FBL-402Connector for Spring Back Corner PolesEach20.50
FBL-403Socket & Cap for Spring Back Corner PolesEach32.00
FBL-900R.A.D. - Risk Assessment DeviceSet2,215.00

Football Goals:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FBL-050Set of Senior 60mm dia Heavyweight GoalsSet615.00
FBL-137PFixed Freestanding steel goal C/w nets 3.66 x 1.83Pack453.00
FBL-168Spare Bag for 9 v 9 PVC Football GoalEach25.50
FBL-175Pro Shot Goal 2.44 x 1.22mEach82.50
FBL-177Folding Aluminium Goals 5m x 2mSet981.00
FBL-2093m x 2m 3G PortagoalEach1,157.00
FBL-546P6.4m x 2.1m 3G Goal Pack c/w Elbow N/S & NetsPack1,130.00
FBL-656P3.0m x 2.0m Integral Weighted Futsal Goals Pack c/w NetsSet2,412.00
FBL-6747.3m x 2.4m Weighted Euro PortagoalSet3,265.00
FBL-6756.4m x 2.1m Weighted Euro PortagoalSet3,130.00
FBL-6764.8m x 2.1m Weighted Euro PortagoalSet2,950.00
FBL-7137.3m x 2.4m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet3,765.00
FBL-7146.4m x 2.1m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet3,730.00
FBL-7157.3m x 2.4m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjPair3,870.00
FBL-7166.4m x 2.1m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,825.00
FBL-7804.8m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet2,045.00
FBL-7813.6m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet2,025.00
FBL-7834.8m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet2,125.00
FBL-7843.6m x 1.2m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet2,105.00
FBL-7864.8m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet2,090.00
FBL-7873.6m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet2,075.00
FBL-7884.8m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet2,185.00
FBL-7893.6m x 1.8m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet2,165.00
FBL-7924.8m x 2.1m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 2.5m - 3.7m ProjSet3,280.00
FBL-7934.8m x 2.1m Inside Fence Folding Goal, 3.7m - 5.2m ProjSet3,730.00

Football Nets & Accessories:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
FBL-010Pair of 2.5mm Junior White Std Profile NetsPair58.00
FBL-012Pair of White Nets, 5.5m x 2.1mPair60.50
FBL-0213m Pitch Divider Net - 2 HalvesMetre55.00
FBL-105-SPitch Divider Net Storage Pouch (Screen Printed)POAPOA
FBL-163Single 3.66m x 1.83m Replacement Polygoal NetEach30.50
FBL-224Synthetic Green Hook - For Occasional UseEach3.00
FBL-238Royal Blue Euro Net Hooks (24 Pack)Each29.50
FBL-239Red Euro Net Hooks (24 Pack)Each29.50
FBL-355Pr UEFA/FIFA Box Shape Nets, 5.5 x 1.8mPair164.00
FBL-3664.88m x 1.83m White Nets, 4mm polyethylenePair148.00
FBL-6261.5m x 1.0m Target Goal NetEach39.50
FBL-6272.0m x 1.0m Target Goal NetEach40.50
FBL-6283.0m x 1.0m Target Goal NetEach40.00
FBL-6775m x 2m 3mm Goal Nets for FBL-177Pair124.00

Gaelic Games:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
GAL-2003.66m x 3.05m 76mm Steel Shinty PostsSet1,125.00
GAL-201Pair of Shinty Nets, 1.22m RunbackPair91.50

Goal Accessories & Components:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
ANC-006Classic Five-a-Side AnchorsEach70.50
ANC-011Set of 6 Spirafix AnchorsSet107.00
CLP-033Latch for FBL-568 Senior 3G Parks GoalsEachPOA
FBL-015Football Poly Headline (2x9m)Pair15.00
FBL-129Combination Rugby / Football SocketEach38.50
FBL-27060mm Senior Football Crossbar, 7.32mEach202.00
FBL-272Pair of 60mm Senior Steel Football Uprights, 2.44mPair117.00
FBL-27576mm dia Senior Steel Football Crossbar, 7.32mEach241.00
FBL-277Pair of 76mm dia Senior Steel Football Uprights, 2.44mPair145.00
FBL-291Projection Goal SocketEach51.50
FBL-29276mm Square Socket, 456mm deepEach42.00
FBL-293Socket 600mm DeepEach45.00
FBL-295Set of 76mm Round SocketsSet111.00
FBL-296Set of 60mm SocketsSet89.50
FBL-297Set of 76mm Sockets For Locking GoalsSet122.00
FBL-5373G Stadium Wire Failsafe Fittings PackEach116.00
FBL-553Set of 4 Aluminium Portagoal HandlesSet of 4100.00
FBL-6857.3m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet218.00
FBL-6866.4m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet202.00
FBL-6874.8m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet183.00
FBL-6883.6m Weighted Goal Backbar Conversion KitSet119.00
LID-001Set of 4 Socket Lids for 76mm square GoalsSet of 429.00
LID-002Set of 4 Socket Lids for 76mm dia GoalsSet of 429.00
LID-003Set of 4 76mm dia Socket Lids (for 63mm dia posts)Set of 429.00
LID-004Set of 4 Socket Lids for 60mm GoalsSet of 434.00
LID-005Set of 4 Socket Lids for 70mm dia PostsSet of 434.00
LID-006Plastic Drop In Socket Lids For Aluminium Rugby Post SocketsSet28.00
MNT-001Steel Maintenance Kit WhiteEach41.50
MNT-002Maintenance Kit GreenEach41.50
MNT-003Maintenance Kit BlueEach41.50
MNT-004Maintenance Kit PinkEach44.50
MNT-005Maintenance Kit RedEach44.50
MNT-006Maintenance Kit YellowEach44.50
MNT-007Maintenance Kit Gloss BlackEach44.50
MNT-008Maintenance Kit Matt BlackEach44.50
SHP-010SH4 Sportshall Floor SocketsEach47.00
SPR100Standard Button Clips - Single - StandardEach15.50
SPR107Spring Button ClipEach16.00
WEQ-338Stadium Goal SocketsEach44.00
WEQ-339Stadium Goal Socket LidsEach24.00
WEQ-735Aluminium Rugby SocketsEach65.00
WEQ-338Stadium Goal SocketEach44.00
WHE-00250mm Nylon WheelsEach13.50


Grounds & Pitch Equipment:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
MNT-001-SMaintenance Kit White - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-002-SMaintenance Kit Green - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-003-SMaintenance Kit Blue - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-004-SMaintenance Kit Pink - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-005-SMaintenance Kit Red - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-006-SMaintenance Kit Yellow - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-007-SMaintenance Kit Gloss Black - AerosolEach42.00
MNT-008-SMaintenance Kit Matt Black - AerosolEach42.00
PEG-025Set of 10 U' Peg 6mm x 200mm longSet of 1019.00
BAR-0252m Ball Stop Net & HeadlineMetre59.00
BAR-036Stihl 40mm Earth Auger BitEachPOA
FLG-600PPack of 6 FLG-200 Flags & FBL-020 PolesPack50.00
MRK-007100mm Marking / Transfer Wheel KitEach115.00
SGN-302Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 2Pair88.00
SGN-303Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 3Pair88.00
SGN-304Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 4Pair88.00
SGN-305Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 5Pair88.00
SGN-306Pair of Pitch Number Signs, no 6Pair88.00
SHE-0645m Curved Team Shelters - Superior SeatsEach4,640.00
SHE-0655m Superior 2012 Shelter - SocketedEach4,695.00
SHE-0766m Curved Team Shelter with GREEN Superior SeatsEach5,960.00
SHE-084Name Board for Premier/Superior Team SheltersEachPOA
SHE-098T/S Curtain Hole Template 2m LEach40.50
SHE-104-SPanoramic Team Shelter 4m SpecialPOAPOA
SHE-1513 x 2.5m Commonwealth Technical ShelterEach6,095.00
SHE-1523 x 1.75m European Technical ShelterEach6,095.00
SHE-1532.5 x 1.5m Club Technical ShelterEach4,865.00
TWN-001Ball Of Black Polyprop Twine, 2mm Thick, 450g BallEach25.00
TWN-002Poly. Twine 2mm Thick Black 1kgEach25.00
TWN-003Poly.Twine 2.5mm Thick Black 1kgEach25.00
TWN-006Poly Twine 2mm Thick White 1kgEach25.00
TWN-007Poly Twine 2.5mm thick White 1kgEach25.00
TWN-030Orange Marking Twine, 3mm thickEach25.00
TWN-031Poly Twine 3.0mm Thick White 1kgEach25.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
HAN-004Pair of HB14 Handball NetsPair87.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
HOC-153London 2012 Blue Int Wtd Hockey Goals Adaptation KitSet816.00
HOC-154London 2012 Red Intl Wtd Hockey Goals Adaptation KitSet821.00
HOC-162Pair of 2012 Integral Weighted Hockey Goals - Maroonset2,560.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
HRL-001Pair of H15 Hurling NetsPair208.00

Indoor Storage Equipment:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
STO-040Red Storage ContainerEach22.00
STO-041Yellow Storage ContainerEach22.00
STO-042Clear Storage ContainerEach22.00
STO-043Blue Storage ContainerEach22.00
STO-050Ball Storage Shelf UnitEach188.00
STO-030Hockey Rebound Storage TrolleyEachPOA


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
NBL-020Pair of Drop In Lids for NB3 Netball PostsPair27.00
NBL-031Set of Socketed Int Netball Posts - Sprung FloorSetPOA
NBL-038Set of Socketed Int Netball Posts - OutdoorSetPOA
NBL-043Replacement posts only for NBL-063Pair82.00
NBL-047Pair of NB4 Netball Rings - PinkPair50.50
NBL-04816mm Pink Regulation Netball RingsPair72.00
NBL-060-SSet of F/S Practice Netball Posts - Colour MixSetPOA
NBL-061-SSet of F/S Regulation Netball Posts - Colour MixSetPOA
NBL-063-SSet of Socketed Regulation Netball Posts - Colour MixSetPOA
NBL-080Netball Protector - Adjustable Height Single ColourSetPOA
NBL-090Comp Netball Protectors - Adjustable Height - Single ColourSetPOA


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
RND-003Rounders PolesEach8.50
RND-004Set of 4 Rubber Rounders BasesSet of 432.00
RND-005Set of 4 Rounders PolesSet of 423.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
RUG-100Replacement Rugby No 3 UprightEach155.00
RUG-101Replacement Rugby No 3/No 2 CrossbarPair226.00
RUG-102Replacement Rugby No 3 SocketEach66.50
RUG-105Replacement Rugby No 2A Bottom UprightEach177.00
RUG-106Replacement Rugby No 2A Top UprightPair167.00
RUG-107Replacement Rugby No 2A SocketEach56.50
RUG-109Replacement Rugby No 1 SocketEach130.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
SBL-002Schools Stoolball PostsSetPOA


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
TEN-006P1B Tennis Net c/w Woven headbandEach183.00
TEN-021Tennis Post Handle c/w ScrewEach37.50
TEN-022Winder for 76mm PostsEach105.00
TEN-025Pair of Drop In Lids for S1 Tennis Post SocketsPair25.00
TEN-027Pair of Drop In Lids for S8 Tennis Post SocketsPair33.00
TEN-036Vinyl Coated Net Centre TapeEach18.50
TEN-195Screw for TEN-021 Tennis Post HandlesEach11.00


Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
VOL-017No2 Lightweight Practice Net - Per MetreLinear M.11.00
VOL-031Sitting Volleyball Net 6.5m x 0.8mEach89.50
VOL-032Sitting Volleyball Net 6.5m x 0.8mEach15.00
VOL-033Sitting Volleyball PostsSet422.00
VOL-034Sitting Volleyball Weighted Post Assembly SetSet638.00
VOL-036Beach Volleyball Antennae in SheathPair46.50
VOL-044VB1/4/5 Upright Protection PadSet100.00
VOL-045VB1/4 Base Protection PadSet94.00
VOL-053Match Play Volleyball PadsSet488.00
VOL-056Floor Fixed Competition Volleyball PostsSet1,477.00
VOL-066Comp Volleyball Pads - Uprights onlySet343.00
VOL-0701/2 Whitworth Floor Fixings"Set63.50

Wheelchair Rugby:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionUnitPrice (ex VAT)
WCR-001Wheel Chair Rugby Goal ConesSet298.00

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