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If you have an existing old, tired or worn synthetic cricket surface that you're thinking of replacing, sportsequip.co.uk can help!

To speak to one of our cricket surface specialists, call us on 01858 545789 or email sales@sportsequip.co.uk

Cricket Wickets - Refurbishment & New Installations

Artificial Cricket Wicket Refurbishment/Resurfacing

It is often more economical/practical to refurbish/renovate an existing artificial cricket surface than install a completely new wicket. Our resurfacing options over existing bases make it possible for the pitch to play 'as new' once more.

Cricket wicket refurbishments may require a site visit to assess the current state of the wicket.

To speak to us about refurbishing your artificial cricket wicket, call 01858 545789 or email sales@sportsequip.co.uk

New Artificial Cricket Wicket Installations

Sometimes, it's simply not possible to refurbish an existing wicket, so we also offer a range of artificial cricket wicket systems to suit most budgets, standards of play and other practical requirements. These include our County Weave and Tufted Turf systems. These systems have been specifically designed to cater for the demands of cricket clubs, parks, schools and colleges.

You can learn more about each of these cricket carpet systems below.

Note: Our County Weave and Tufted Turf cricket surfaces are available with or without our professional installation service.

To find out more information about any of the cricket wicket services we offer or to arrange a free no-obligation quote, you can speak to one of our cricket specialists on 01858 545789 or you can email us at sales@sportsequip.co.uk

Cricket Carpets

  • County Weave is a professional quality wilton woven playing surface offering excellent playing characteristics and long life. When installed with our cricket Shock Pad on a dynamic base, the system mimics a natural turf wicket - responsive to both spin and seam bowling. The County Weave surface is designed to be low slip for safe use by all ages and standards of player.
  • Tufted Turf offers a more economical alternative to County Weave and is ideal for less heavily used pitches.

Further details and prices for each of these types of artificial cricket carpet can be found on our website.

Supply Only or Fully Installed

sportsequip.co.uk are happy to offer these cricket surfaces on a supply only basis or with our full installation service.

We understand that in some cases, sufficient resources and technical know-how may already exist on-site that will enable a 'DIY' installation to take place. As a result, we're happy to supply cricket carpets on a 'supply only' basis. Please contact our cricket specialists on 01858 545789 for further information.

Alternatively, our team of experienced artificial cricket wicket fitters can create a synthetic pitch for you, ensuring the maximum lifespan of the carpet can be achieved and the full potential of the carpet can be reached whilst in play.

More information

To discuss your requirements, arrange a free non-obligation quote or to simply find out more information about our artificial cricket wicket services and products, contact us on 01858 545789. Our website also features useful information, including cricket data sheets which contain installation, maintenance and other product specifications.