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Steel Outdoor Gyms

Steel Outdoor Gyms

Sunshine Gyms offer fitness for everyone. If you wouldn't dream of visiting a gym, you'd still use this. It's a bit of fun, most offer a bit of friendly rivalry and competition too.

There's a good reason why Outdoor Gyms are popping up everywhere and Sunshine Gyms is it.

  • Full size Adult Steel Outdoor Gym units for secondary schools and public park areas. Supply only (for DIY installation) or fully installed using our professional service.
  • Range of Children's Outdoor Gym equipment (Key Stage 1 & 2) providing fitness, but making it fun too. Each fitness station is available for self-installation, or fully installed using our professional service.

32 Items

32 Items

Steel Outdoor Gyms

sportsequip are pleased to have recently added these tried and tested ranges of both adult and children's steel outdoor gym equipment to complement our existing timber outdoor fitness trails.

Our Products Filters help make finding the right pieces of equipment you want as easy as possible.

Product Filters

  • By Price - As the name implies, you can select equipment to suit your budget.
  • By Age Group - Select between Adults and Primary School aged (Key Stage 1 & 2) children?
  • By Target Muscle Groups - Which parts of the body are you looking to exercise? Find equipment that targets the arms, legs, shoulders, chest or stomach. Remember, many pieces of equipment will exercise more than one group of muscles.
  • By Exercise Type - Choose equipment which provides a cardiovascular workout, strength building or more gentle/light exercise.

The European Standard BS EN 16630:2015 Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Safety Requirements and Test Methods published in 2015 clarified safety issues and test methods for outdoor adult fitness equipment. Our Adult Outdoor Fitness range is fully tested to BE EN 16630.

It should be noted that BS EN 16630:2015 is intended for equipment used by Adults, defined in the standard as aged 14 and over, and 1.4m tall and over. By definition therefore our Children's range does not comply, but it is made in exactly the same way, to the same high quality and with all the same features and details. As these products are Fitness Equipment, it isn't therefore by definition Play Equipment, so the Play standards BS EN 1176 &7 don't apply to these items.

Usually installed as Fitness Area clusters all the moving parts on these Sunshine Gym units are safe, enclosed and fitted with fail proof safety stops to prevent moving parts from passing specific points, meaning that maximum movement distances are never exceeded, and at the same time removing any unsafe pinch points.

Where there are two or more user stations on multi-user items, each station can move independently which means that one user can step away whilst the other can continue on, thus eliminating a major potential risk of accidents.

The use of special ground anchors, concreted-in below the equipment means that the installation is simple and standardised, the risk of damage to the equipment during installation is minimised, and on single post units, they can all be periodically interchanged to ring the changes to cluster layouts.

Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment can be said to:

  • Meet Curriculum Requirements - Government guidelines suggest that Children should have the opportunity to access 60 minutes of daily sport and physical activity. What better way to provide it?
  • Engage Children - Children of all abilities can take part and join in. Of course it's exercise, but it's fun too.
  • Introduce Sport - Is there a better way to introduce the habit and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with some gentle friendly rivalry and competition to Children?
  • Tackle Obesity - Too many primary aged school children are now clinically overweight. Outdoor Gym use helps to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Improve Academic Performance - The old Roman adage - 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind' still applies today. Perhaps even more so. Even a small amount of regular physical exercise has been shown to improve a child's performance in class by up to 20%.
  • Improve Social Interaction - Exercising together encourages friendship, self expression and social integration.

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We understand that planning and buying a new Outdoor Fitness Area can be complicated!

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