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Definition - noun
plural noun: sports

  1. An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for competition, exercise and / or entertainment. "Examples of team sports are football (soccer) and rugby".
  2. An exercise activity carried out only after a change of footwear.
  3. An activity that creates an invaluable sense self worth, of shared achievement. An activity that allows you to develop strength, fitness, agility, skills, to fight anxiety and depression. An activity that creates bonds and lasting friendships.
  4. An activity carried out using sports equipment supplied by (We added this one ourselves, sorry. - sportsequip)
  • Long/triple jump runways and equipment. A range of cages, hurdles, high jump stands and shots.
  • A range of indoor badminton posts and badminton nets.
  • Heavy duty steel basketball goals complete with basketball rings and nets with a choice of steel or wooden backboards.
  • Artificial carpets and wickets, cricket cages, sightscreens, scoreboards and grounds equipment.
  • All sizes and types of football nets, football goals and associated equipment. All posts and nets conform to BS EN 748, or for smaller goals BS 8462.
  • Components for mini golf, crazy golf, practice putting greens as well as practice bays, netting, cups and flags.
  • Hockey equipment for all ages and levels of play, including FIH specification and Olympic goals.
  • A range of netball posts, including posts that conform to AENA specifications.
  • Rugby equipment for the international, club and school game.
  • Full range of tennis nets, court accessories and court maintenance equipment for club, school and private courts.
  • A choice of combination indoor volleyball posts and volleyball nets.
  • A range of capital sports equipment for use in less widely played UK sports.
  • A range of indoor sports equipment including top level competition nets and posts, as approved and used by sports governing bodies.
  • Ball stop netting, synthetic pitch equipment, dug outs, corner poles and flags, line markers and line marking paint.
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