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Netball offer the full range of Harrod Sports socketed and freestanding netball court equipment and posts online suitable for the home, school or for netball club use. Additionally, we offer a selection of replacement netball rings and nets (suitable for practice or competition use) and post protectors.

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Harrod Sport Netball Posts

Harrod Sport are the official supplier of netball posts, nets and post protectors to England Netball. Harrod manufactures a range of posts suitable for use on different courts, including socketed posts for indoor and outdoor use, fixed netball posts for sports halls and freestanding for locations such as playgrounds.

The range of Harrod Netball Equipment has been divided into five sub-sections:

  • Freestanding Netball Posts - Wheelaway and freestanding netball posts - excellent for club and school use.
  • Socketed Netball Posts - Socketed posts, typically used by schools, clubs and in sports halls.
  • Garden Netball Posts - Low cost netball post suitable for home use.
  • Netball Rings and Nets - Replacement nets and netball rings/hoops.
  • Netball Post Protectors - Range of netball post pads, recommended for added safety.

If you have a question on any of the netball equipment available, please contact us on 01858 545789.

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