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sportsequip has developed an enviable reputation as a leading British supplier of football equipment, goals and nets, simply by offering the very best football products, with or without assembly/installation.

Plus, we know our products! Our customers benefit from our sales team's extensive product expertise, and we're always happy to guide you towards the most suitable product for your needs and budget. To speak to our sales office, please call us on 01858 545789.

  • The most popular goals, supplied complete with nets and net supports. Cheaper than buying component parts separately. Football goals - made easy.
  • Excluding packs, all football goals listed by type and price rather than just size. Please read carefully to check whether nets and other components are included.
  • Huge range of football nets for all standard types and sizes of football goal. Need help to find a suitable football net for your goal? Contact us on 01858 545789.
  • 11-a-side (senior / full size) football goals and nets suitable for both synthetic surfaces and natural grass pitches. All football goals conform to BS EN 748:2004.
  • 11-a-side (junior) football goals and nets, suitable for artificial and natural grass pitches. All goals conform to BS 16579 when properly installed and anchored.
  • Full range of steel and aluminium 9v9 goals (4.8m x 2.1m) and nets. Choice of socketed or freestanding options.
  • 7-a-side football goals and nets for all synthetic surfaces and natural grass pitches. All goals conform to BS 16579 when properly installed and anchored.
  • Mini Soccer goals and nets, suitable for both synthetic and natural grass surfaces. All goals conform to BS 16579 when properly installed and anchored.
  • 3m x 2m freestanding, wheelaway, folding and floor fixed Futsal goals, nets and goal anchors. Futsal is the FIFA and UEFA recognised form of small-sided football.
  • 4.8m (16ft) 5-a-side football goals and nets for all types of sports surface. All goals conform to BS 16579 when properly installed and anchored.
  • 3.6m (12ft) 5-a-side football goals and nets for artificial and natural turf pitches. All goals conform to BS8462:2009 when properly installed and anchored.
  • 2.4m (8ft) 5-a-side football goals, manufactured from steel or aluminium. Range of 5-a-side goal nets. Goals available for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Goals and nets suitable for Disability Football, including CP (Cerebral Palsy), Blind and Frame Football.
  • Football goals complete with nets, suitable for home and garden use. Quick and easy to assemble. PVC or steel frames. Manufactured by Samba, Harrod Sport and JumpKing.
  • Football goal components from Harrod Sports. Football goal pegs, hooks, ties, clips, socket lids, security bolts, wheels & trolleys.
  • Range of anchors for all types and sizes of freestanding football goal. Please note: Freestanding goals only comply to safety standards when correctly installed and anchored.
  • Floodlights suitable for use on football pitches. Battery powered LED floodlighting to illuminate training pitches for longer training sessions. Football Foundation funding available. Ask for details.
  • Our own design and range of football pitch Spectator Barrier components. Create your own fully customised football pitch surround. For self or professional installation.
  • All the components required for a complete football pitch divider netting system. Includes winch/anchor posts, straining wire, clips and replacement netting.
  • Football pitch ball stop netting systems with mesh netting to stop wayward footballs. Socketed or freestanding/mobile.
  • For multi-use rugby/football pitches to maximise use of space. Senior & junior size combination football & rugby goals; with backirons & nets.
  • Football training & coaching equipment - free kick mannequins, coaching goals, training hurdles, slalom poles, training bibs and more.
  • Useful football pitchside equipment, including spectator barriers, portable floodlights, pitch barriers, perimeter netting systems and litter bins.
  • An extensive range of freestanding, socketed and portable football pitch shelters, from 2 man officials pitch shelters to full twelve man team dug outs.
  • Football corner poles & flags for all pitch surfaces. Full choice of styles & colours - single or two colour, flexible poles & freestanding bases.
  • Football pitch line marking machines for natural turf pitches (transfer wheel to wheel & spray), a range of line marking fluids, paints & aerosols.
  • Heavy duty football boot wipers and scrapers. Standard 1 person units, and simultaneous multi-person use units for high-traffic areas. Full range of replacement brushes available.
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Football Goals, Nets and Pitch Equipment supply a full range of football goals, nets and equipment for use on and around the pitch. Each piece of equipment available has been specifically selected for its suitability for use in football clubs, schools, universities or for public recreational areas.

Our extensive football range includes goals and nets from brand name manufacturers such as Harrod Sport, Samba Sports and Edwards Sports and are ideal for use in 5-a-side, 7-a-side/Mini Soccer, 9v9 and full size 11-a-side games.

Our extensive football range has been broken down into multiple sub-sections above.

Having trouble finding the right goal or net to suit your needs? Call our sales team on 01858 545789.

Please note: We always aim to be competitive on price! Found a cheaper price online? Contact us on 01858 545789.