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Badminton supply badminton posts and nets, manufactured by Harrod Sport and Edwards Sports Products. All of the badminton equipment found within this section has been specifically selected for its suitability for use in for clubs, schools or sports halls, for practice or competition use.

For more information on any badminton products, please contact our sales office on 01858 545789.

  • Practice badminton nets and tournament badminton nets for clubs and schools.
  • Competition, practice badminton posts and combination badminton/volleyball posts for clubs and schools.
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Badminton Posts and Nets

Badminton Nets

Tournament quality 6.1m and 7.3m wide nets for badminton, all with regulation 19mm mesh and white headbands. These badminton nets are suitable for practice, match or competition use.

Badminton Posts

Badminton posts are supplied in pairs to create a complete 'set' of uprights. All posts are supplied with weighted bases. Combination badminton/volleyball posts allow the net to be set at heights suitable for both badminton or volleyball. Schools and club models available.

Badminton Equipment Specifications

For more information on the laws of the game, including rules on badminton court markings and equipment plus badminton net and post specifications, please see the Badminton World Federation website.

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