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Tennis Posts

Tennis Posts sell a wide range of steel and aluminium, socketed and freestanding tennis posts for all standard British court types. In addition we have a special section for natural grass, artificial grass tennis courts and MUGA's (Multi-Use Games Areas). The range includes the hand crafted Ash posts as used at Wimbledon and steel posts as used at other major ATP and WTA tournaments, including The Olympics and the US Open.

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Tennis Posts

Choosing the right tennis posts

All sets comprise a winder post and an anchor post. Both tennis posts come with securing eyes and net retaining rods. The anchor post has a hook on the outside edge to secure the tennis net headline loop. The winder post comes with a brass winder mechanism with a drilled hole in the centre of the winder cylinder to take the stub pin on the end of the tennis net headline. It is important to grease the winder before initial use and to keep it fully greased throughout its life. The net must never be over tightened as it may dislodge the tennis post sockets.

The internal dimensions of sockets are around 4-6mm larger than the external dimensions of the tennis posts. See our separate data sheet on the correct method of installation of tennis sockets.

Tennis Post Options

  • Socketed Steel Tennis Posts - The most popular posts for all court types. Round or square, shape and dimensions to suit your personal preference
  • Socketed Aluminium Tennis Posts - Lighter weight if regular post removal is a consideration and rust resistant, particularly important if you are close to the sea and suffer from salt air corrosion
  • Freestanding Tennis Posts - Posts for MUGAs and artificial pitches. No sockets to disrupt the surface. Optional trollies available for ease of movement.
  • Grass Court Tennis Posts - Surface mounted plates held in place with earthworm screws mean no sockets are required

Tennis Post Socket Options

  • Removable Capped Lids - As standard our sockets come with a pair of loose plastic caps, best for most tennis courts
  • Hinged Steel Lids - For use on MUGAs and school courts, where posts are occasionally removed and the surface is used for other sports

Have a question?

For more information on any of the tennis posts available at, please call 01858 545789.