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Childrens Outdoor Gyms

Childrens Outdoor Gyms

This range of Children's Outdoor Gym equipment is squarely aimed at Key Stage 1 & 2 aged children. They are all scaled down versions of equivalent Adult units, and designed to bring some fitness and fun to all who use it.

For details on installation and surfacing options just call our Sales Office on 01858-545789.

13 Items

  1. Children's Combi Sky Stepper & Horse Rider
    Ref: SG7006

    The Combi Sky Stepper & Horse Rider provides two very different, but fun exercises combined into a single outdoor fitness unit. The popular Sky Stepper, similar to an outdoor cross trainer, is an effective, easy to do exercise that gives...

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  2. Children's Double Sky Stepper
    Ref: SG7007

    The dual design of this variation on the Sky Stepper (See product ref: SG4009) allows two people to take advantage of this popular exercise station. It's the Sky Stepper, but double the fun! Easy to operate, the Double Sky Stepper mimics...

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  3. Childrens Waist Twister
    Ref: SG4002

    This Children's Waist Twister can be used independently by up to 3 Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils at the same time, encouraging chat and perhaps a little gentle competition. The rotating footpads allow users to gently twist just enough to suit...

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  4. Childrens Leg Stretch
    Ref: SG4003

    A static and simply designed stretching unit for calves and thighs, this Leg Stretch unit makes sure children get into the habit of warming up before more strenuous exercise. With the three support rails set at three differing heights there will be...

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  5. Childrens Double Strength Challenger
    Ref: SG4004

    A lot of our Children's Outdoor Gym equipment is for use independently by two or more children doing their own thing side by side but unlike all of the others this Double Strength Challenger is specifically designed to provide direct competition.

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  6. Childrens Double Health Walker
    Ref: SG4005

    Children love to go for a walk with a friend. So why not encourage them with the very popular Double Health Walker? Using it as part of a fuller outdoor gym cluster will teach them that even a simple walk is a beneficial work out exercise.

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  7. Childrens Double Slalom Skier
    Ref: SG4006

    The Children's Double Slalom Skier is so named because it mimics the side to side, right to left balance shifting movements required in slalom skiing. Working out opposite a friend may encourage a little gentle competition and rivalry with...

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  8. Childrens Horse Rider
    Ref: SG4007

    A great all over body cardiovascular workout machine, which often becomes the centrepiece of wider imaginative play - 'Giddy Up' and gallop away on the Horse Rider. Without the child realising, the Horse Rider is exercising a multitude...

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  9. Childrens Rower
    Ref: SG4008

    Designed to mimic the rowing action of a row boat itself, or perhaps just as likely to be recognised by children as their outdoor version of an indoor rowing machine, this Children's Rower provides all the same benefits as either...

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  10. Childrens Sky Stepper
    Ref: SG4009

    Not many of us see Nordic skiers in action in the UK so this Sky Stepper is best described as being designed to mimic the actions of an Indoor Cross Trainer instead. With its independent resistance free forward and backward movements it...

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  11. Childrens Tai Chi Discs
    Ref: SG4010

    Based upon the Chinese martial art practiced for both its health benefits and meditation, and from which they take their name these Tai Chi Discs provide the very gentlest of exercises. Slow, deliberate and purposeful flexing and moving...

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  12. Childrens Arm and Pedal Bike
    Ref: SG4011

    The two functions of this Arm and Pedal Bike Static operate independently, meaning that if they prefer the user can concentrate on just one function at a time. Alternatively if they wish to push it the Arm and Pedal Bicycle will provide...

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  13. Double Sit-Up Bench
    Ref: SG3001

    An ergonomically designed Double Sit-Up Bench with moulded surface to provide a comfortable and easily cleaned platform for crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and a range of other 'bench' exercises.

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13 Items