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Compliant Wet Pour Data Sheets:

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Compliant Wet Pour Maintenance


COMPLIANT WET POUR is an impact absorbing surface, a multi-component polyurethane rubber composite formed in-situ by mixing, wet pouring, levelling and chemically curing processes. COMPLIANT WET POUR will give many years of reliable use providing that common sense and observation are used.

Once installed COMPLIANT WET POUR requires little more than occasional sweeping to remove leaves, twigs, paper, litter and other debris. COMPLIANT WET POUR should be kept clean at all times.

The E.P.D.M. surface finish is consistently coloured throughout, so that wear on heavy use areas will not produce ugly light patches.

If necessary, give the surface an occasional hosing down with clean water. To help restore the surfaces original fresh finish, this can be proceeded by sprinkling or spraying a non-foaming detergent on the surface. It will also help remove small quantities of mud, dirt etc and atmospheric grime.

Alternatively, the surface can be vacuumed or pressure washed. Although some brands of proprietary moss/weed killers can be used, please check carefully prior to any application that the brand you propose suitable. Heavy loads e.g. vehicles, should be kept off the surface. If absolutely essential then timber boards or similar should be laid over the area to spread the load.

Any lines or patterns applied by paint may require repainting from time to time. Boyd Sport & Play Limited use a compatible polyurethane system. Ordinary non-elastic marking paints are not suitable. We offer a full surface painting service, so please contact us when required.

In the event of major vandalism or when areas become worn out following long term use Boyd Sport & Play Limited can patch or resurface any COMPLIANT WET POUR areas using identical or fully compatible materials. One of the advantages of wet pour material is that patching can be cost effectively and easily carried out.

Boyd Sport & Play Limited are pleased to arrange inspections of any COMPLIANT WET POUR areas to quote for repairs or maintenance.