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Compliant Wet Pour Data Sheets:

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Compliant Wet Pour On To Existing Base


Existing macadam / concrete base (assuming reasonable draining sub-base)

  1. The existing base should be thoroughly inspected to ensure stability and long term life expectancy.
  2. If necessary, to ensure drainage through to the subsoil, the existing base should be drilled through with 25mm diameter holes between 500mm and 1 metre centres. Holes should be backfilled with clean stone, aggregate or sand.
  3. If necessary the base should be cleaned either chemically or with a power hose/pressure cleaner to remove dirt and debris.
  4. If necessary the base should be suitably primed to accept the COMPLIANT WET POUR.
  5. To ensure a firm edge detail the existing surface should be 'chased' to a minimum depth of 12mm x 60mm wide, as suggested by the Association of Play Industries (A.P.I.), although Boyd Sport & Play Limited would normally enlarge this wherever possible.
  6. The edge gradient from the top of the full depth of the COMPLIANT WET POUR to the external edge of the COMPLIANT WET POUR shall be no steeper that 1 in 2 for thickness up to 50mm and 1 in 2.5 for thicknesses over 50mm.
  7. The area of full depth surfacing, before the edge gradient and 'chase' should be to the full required distance from the measured edge of the equipment.
  8. The base is now ready to accept our COMPLIANT WET POUR Impact Absorbing Surfacing.