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Cricket Data Sheets:

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County Weave Maintenance and Footwear

Maintenance Recommendations for County Weave Cricket Pitches

Maintenance of sportsequip.co.uk County Weave pitches is around 90% less than a natural turf pitch, but it is important to appreciate they are not "maintenance free", and will require attention from time to time.

1. Routine Maintenance (During Season)

  • Brush off any leaves, grass clippings and other debris before they become embedded into playing surface.
  • Roll the surface as necessary using a 10-15cwt roller to achieve the desired pace and bounce. Best results will be achieved when the base materials are wet after rain. It may be necessary to artificially wet the pitch prior to rolling in the prolonged dry periods.
    It is essential this work is undertaken otherwise performance will deteriorate and the base materials may go out of level, requiring the surface to be lifted in order to rectify.
  • Top-up clay stump pads through stump holes where applicable.
  • Remark creases as required. We recommend acrylic emulsion, on other suitable water based line paint.

2. End of Season

  • Apply a proprietary brand of worm killer.
  • Apply weed killer as required.

3. Pre Season

  • Start the rolling regime as detailed in (1) well before the pitch's first use.
  • Apply weed and/or moss killer as required.

At some point, depending on use, it may be necessary to remove the playing surface and underlay in order to re-level the hard porous material and infill any depressions that have formed.

sportsequip.co.uk can carry out this servicing of the base if required. Please contact our office to arrange this.

Important Note on the Use of Spiked Footwear

Spikes worn by the bowlers are always a problem for non-turf wickets because of the damage done by the bowlers' spikes when they turn off the wicket after delivering the ball.

Although our products use a high tuft density to help prevent spikes reaching and damaging the backing, it is impossible to completely prevent spikes from tearing the surface.

For this reason our customers are advised that spikes should not be worn.

If they are used, the life of the playing surface and the underlay will be reduced.

If it is likely that spikes may be used, sportsequip.co.uk recommends infilling the carpet pile in the bowlers delivery area with fine loam or sand to reduce possible damage and wear.