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Cricket Data Sheets:

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Practice Turf Installation

Instructions for Bonding Practice Turf Carpet to Base using Quick Tack Carpet Adhesive

One Component Polyurethane Adhesive For Synthetic Sports Surfaces


Sport-Fix Quick Tack Carpet Adhesive is a one pack moisture curing adhesive of brushable viscosity, designed for the bonding of a wide range of flooring materials, particularly short pile synthetic sports surfaces. It bonds well to most sub floors including concrete, bitumen, terrazzo and granolithic materials and is resistant to all climatic conditions.


  • High Tack allows application to one surface only.
  • Easily spreadable by brush, trowel or squeegee.
  • Curing is rapid, allowing minimum delays to further work on surface.
  • Flexible weather resistant bonds.


IMPORTANT: Before embarking on any work involving Sport-Fix Quick Tack Carpet Adhesive, the Safety Data Sheet should be carefully read by those carrying out the work.


Ensure the sub floor is smooth, clean, sound and free from dust, loose particles or contaminants such as oil which may affect adhesion. Dampness can be tolerated but surface water must be removed.

Sport-Fix Quick Tack Carpet Adhesive is poured onto the base and spread out to a thin even coat by means of brush, fine notched trowel or squeegee. The surfacing material is rolled into position immediately, but no later than 20 minutes after the application of the adhesive. During this time the adhesive, in a soft liquid state, allows for movement of the surfacing material into the correct position. In order to consolidate the bond whilst curing takes place it is necessary either to roll the surface periodically over the next 2 hours or to apply weights to hold the surface in contact for this time. The poen tack time and ultimate curing time of the adhesive are dependent both on temperature and humidity.

The timings given above assume ambient temperature of 16 - 20C and Relative Humidity of 50 - 70%. Temperatures of 0 - 5C slow the cure considerably and it may be necessary to consolidate the bond for periods up to 16 hours. Conversely on the black sub bases, in warm direct sunlight, the open time, to position the carpet, may be reduced down to 5 - 10 minutes.

Sport-Fix Quick Tack Carpet Adhesive has a particular application for use in seam bonding, using a specially constructed plastic mesh seam tape. The combination can be used to join the edges of the short pile carpets e.g. as often used for tennis courts, which have little or no sand added to the surface (It must be stressed that this system is suitable only with the correct combination tape and adhesive). Adhesive is applied to the mesh side of the tape as previously described above and the seams of the carpet positioned at the centre of the applied strip of adhesive. Consolidation of the bond is required by rolling or weighting as described and the timing restraints according to the site conditions apply.

This system has the advantage of rapid curing under normal Spring/Summer conditions and thus allows other work on the surface to be carried out within a few hours of bonding.

We do not recommend this system for the seam jointing of the medium/long pile carpets normally used on the large area soccer/hockey installations. Before use, individual substrates should be evaluated for bonding performance prior to any large-scale application.