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Cricket Data Sheets:

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Tufted Turf Product Specification

Yarn Type-7150D-Tex Green Fibrillated Knit De Knit
Pile Content-100% UV Stable Polypropylene
Tuft Gauge-5/16"
Pile Height-10mm
Pile Weight-930 gsm
Coating Weight-800 gsm approx.
Product Weight-1900 gsm
Stitch Rate-32/10 cm
Standard Width + / - 1.25%-4.00 mts
Roll Length-Up to 65m


Infill MaterialSand infill 10kg per sqm
Range 0.3 - 0.8mm
Product TolerancePile Height+/- 1mm
Pile Weight+/- 5%
Roll Width+/- 2cm
Roll Length+/- 2.5%
Product Weight+/- 10%