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sportsequip have supplied and installed countless Fitness Trails and Physical Training (PT) Trails throughout the UK over the last 20 years. Now with the addition of Stretch Stations™ and Stretch and Gym Trails as a result of our two decades of fitness trail experience, we are able to offer tried and tested exercise stations, modern contemporary signage - Exersigns™ and unrivalled specialist knowledge.

All Fitness Trails, PT Trails, Gym Trails™ and Stretch Stations™ are available as supply only, or supplied and fully installed by our professional teams.

Fitness Trail Specialists

Wooden adult outdoor gyms cater for all abilities

Fitness Trails, sometimes known as 'Trim Trails', 'Outdoor Gyms' or 'Parcourse' are typically located in parks, recreation grounds or as part of a countryside walk. Fitness Trails help promote good health and wellbeing by providing a series of workout stations for all ages, allowing users to exercise various parts of the body along the route. Many modern outdoor gyms are metal, whereas Fitness Trails are wooden that blend more comfortably within green spaces and outdoor environments.

Stretch Stations, Gym Trail and Fitness Trail units comply with BSEN16630 (the European Standard for Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment).

Physical Training (PT) Trails, often referred to as 'Assault Courses' are commonly used by the Ministry of Defence or for cadet training. Any number of workout stations can be combined to create a unique course to challenge users. As PT Trails offer more demanding exercises than Fitness Trails, they are best suited to supervised locations.

Due to the size or nature of exercise stations within the timber PT Trail range, these generally fall outside of the scope of EN16630 and should only be used at secured sites (MOD and cadet training bases, for example).

Gym Trails™ help users make full use of fixed Fitness Trail or PT Trail equipment stations through a series of illustrated exercise boards - Exersigns™ designed for each station. Combinations of suitable exercises for each piece of equipment can be chosen as required. Gym Trail™ Exersigns™ can also be installed alongside existing Fitness or PT Trails.

Headers and footers on each Gym Trail™ Exersigns™ board can be customised to include things such as logos and sponsor names to allow Trails to be personalised for each environment.

Stretch Stations™ offer a gentler range of exercises, designed for older or less physically capable users. Each Stretch Station™ workout requires no additional fixed equipment, making them suitable for use as standalone features throughout a trail or walking route.

Stretch Station™ Exersigns™ boards can also be combined with Fitness, PT and Gym Trail™ exercise stations to provide warm up and cool down exercises points at the beginning and end of a Trail, or to provide additional depth to a new or existing sportsequip.co.uk Fitness Trail.

As with Gym Trail boards, Stretch Station™ Exersigns™boards can be customised to include logos, sponsor logos or benefactor names.

Conception, Installation and After Sales Support

From the initial design stages of a new Trail right through to its installation, we're happy to offer guidance, to help plan your series of exercise stations and help create customised signage and station indicators to enable users to get the most from your new Fitness Trail. Once your new Fitness or PT Trail has been completed, we're also happy to offer maintenance advice, servicing information and parts/repairs if required to ensure the lifespan of your equipment is maximised.

We always aim to provide advice that will make the most of the available space and budget.

To talk to us about your project, contact one of our Fitness Trail specialists on 01858 545789.

Supply Only or Fully Installed

We are pleased to be able to offer all of our Fitness and PT Trail stations for supply only (self installation), or fully installed by our professional installation team. For more information, specialist advice on our installation services or to arrange a site visit, please contact us on 01858 545789.

Costs for Fitness Trail, PT Trail, Gym Trail™ and Stretch Station™ installation will vary, depending on the nature and location of each site and the ground works required.

Please refer to our Fitness Trail Datasheets for further information on product specifications, maintenance advice, technical guidelines, trail signage, surface recommendations and design and layout drawings for individual stations.

Think Fitness Trails, think sportsequip.