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Why Cheaper Tennis Nets are often a False Economy

If you've needed replace a broken tennis net winder recently, it may be your tennis net at fault

If you've suffered a broken tennis post winder in recent years, it's worth investigating the root cause of the issue. Winders made from brass are typically very sturdy pieces of equipment, and with regular maintenance can match the lifespan of the posts themselves. Under normal circumstances, winders don't simply break.

Always use quality tennis nets designed for use with British tennis posts

Many of the tennis nets on the market today are imported from outside of the UK. These nets are often cheap, making them exceptionally attractive to uninformed buyers. However, it appears that cheaper alternatives can include a headline wire too thick for use with British styles of tennis post.

British winders are usually designed to handle 3mm thick headline wires. Cheaper, imported nets will often feature a slightly thicker 4mm wire. In some cases this won't cause a problem, however the increased volume of wire spooling around the spindle as the net is tensioned can cause it to overfill, allowing the wire to slip into the gears of the winder - causing it to jam or break.

A small saving on a 'bargain' tennis net can therefore lead to an expensive winder replacement.

sportsequip.co.uk only supply tennis nets and headline wires suitable for use with British posts

Care should be taken when buying a new tennis net or headline wire to ensure compatibility with the post.

All of the tennis nets and headline wires supplied by sportsequip.co.uk have been tested to function correctly with UK styles of tennis posts. Tennis nets are manufactured within the UK to ensure the highest quality.

If you require more information about tennis posts, winders or nets, please contact our sales team on 01858 545789.