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<h1>Outdoor Fitness</h1>

Outdoor Fitness

sportsequip are the leading designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of adult timber fitness trails in the UK. Designed for use by secondary school aged pupils and over adults, cadets and the MOD, we have installed dozens of fitness trails and courses around the UK. Contact us for references.

Fitness Trails / Trim Trails, Physical Training (PT) Trails, Gym Trails & Stretch Stations

sportsequip.co.uk are the UK's leading supplier and installer of adult timber fitness trails, or 'Outdoor Gyms' as they are also commonly known. Designed for use by secondary school aged pupils, adults, cadets and the MOD, we have installed many fitness trail and PT courses around the UK.

Fitness Trails

Fitness trails are frequently installed along woodland walks or on public recreational areas to provide simple but effective fitness activities for visitors. Timber fitness trails sit comfortably in such rural environments, whereas similar metal fitness stations tend to look out of place.

Any number of different fitness stations can be combined to create a unique trail for your location and we are happy to offer recommendations and guidance to help create your fitness trail. Each station can be signposted with customised instructions and logos indicating correct usage.

All fitness trails are designed to comply with EN16630 (the European standard for Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment).

Physical Training (PT) Trails

Physical Training (PT) trails are more challenging than standard fitness trails and provide a more vigorous range of activities for users, from rope climbs to tyre runs. As with the standard fitness trails, any number of exercise stations can be combined to create a custom PT trail to suit your requirements and location.

Our range of timber PT Trails fall outside of the scope of EN16630 due to the size or nature of the exercise stations and are therefore ideally suited to secured sites, such as MOD and cadet training bases.

At sportsequip.co.uk we regard our fitness and physical training trails as specialised pieces of adult sports equipment and not just as up-scaled pieces of children's play equipment.

References for our previous fitness trail installations are available upon request.

Stretch Stations™

Stretch stations™ are suitable for all ages and abilities and offer gentle stretching exercises to help users warm muscles and improve mobility. Stretch Stations™ are securely mounted instructive and illustrated signs that can be installed on their own along a route, or to complement and add more depth to a new or existing sportsequip.co.uk fitness trail.

Stretch Stations™ do not require additional fixed equipment.

All Stretch Station™ boards can be customised to include site names, sponsor logos and crests. Please contact us for more information.

Gym Trails™

Ideal for use in conjunction with Fitness Trail and PT Trail stations, Gym Trails™ offer low impact and low level exercises, eliminating the risk of a fall from height. Gym Trails™ provide a wider range of exercises for a trail. Our Illustrated Gym Trail signage boards provide users with suitable workouts that can be adjusted for individual levels of fitness.

Gym Trail boards are suitable for most locations and can be installed alongside new or existing sportsequip.co.uk Fitness and PT Trails. Gym Trail ™ exercise boards can be customised with site names, logos and sponsor information as required.

For more information on our Gym Trail™ range, please contact our sales office.

Have a question?

Our 'Downloads' section includes technical trail support data sheets such as individual exercise station CAD layout drawings, fitness trail product brochures, specifications and maintenance recommendations.

For expert, friendly advice and help on planning, designing and installation of your new physical training or fitness trail, please call us on 01858 545789 to speak to a specialist.